Sweet Breathing is my place to share the wonders I find in the world.

It is an earnest and humble sharing of photography, uplifting words, simple living, adventures, The Sapphire Girls, travel, books, inner deepening, the love of the animals, and nature.

My home in northwest Montana is my place of refuge and peace. After years of the hurried life, I am embracing a quiet reverence for life’s wonders here in the woods.

Photography is a great love and creates an avenue of expressing my passion for life, the grand mystery of nature, the small nuances of the forest, and the grand spectrum of our animal friends.   Words that uplift, inspire, and deepen are also great loves and they too will find expression here.  The sisterhood of women friends, adventure, music, spirituality, great books, and travel all complete this lovely and simple life in the woods under the tall trees and many of these things will find a voice or visual on these pages.

Come to visit often to celebrate with me the wonders of life.  Weekly (sometimes daily) photographic additions will be posted here to share, along with inspiring words, updates on The Sapphire Girls, ideas on how to incorporate sweet breathing into your life, adventure, travel, spiritual discovery…. whatever may come in the sweet breath.

Take a minute, right now, to do sweet breathing…. Just be with your breath and let gratitude for this moment and in this moment wash over you in a wave. Do you feel it?  It’s like an inner love bath. Now open your eyes to the grand mystery and majesty all around you!   You are a vital part of this radiant wonder, a rare and unique expression.

May you feel that energy in every sweet breath you take.