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Women’s Day


Held on the Thursday before Mother’s Day, this day is a celebration

of ALL women, Non-Mothers and Mothers alike!

Last year, I spent time nurturing myself for the day and it was a lovely celebration.  I am not a mother.  I have watched in awe as my sisters-in-law, friends, and my one and only Mother gracefully embody myriad roles and strengths as they raised their children.  I am full of honor and respect for them.  But there was a hole each year for me, and for many of my childless friends – we celebrated the Mothers, but were never celebrated ourselves.  We as Sapphire Girls celebrate all women on the Thursday before Mother’s Day.

Let us know how you will love & care for yourself.

(below a couple of images from last year’s celebration… Bookworks in Whitefish for a new read, and the little cabin is where Red Star does her fabulous massages)

Womans-Day-Bookworks-1024x680 Red-Stars-Cabin-680x1024

Whitefish Winter Carnival



Living the sweet life is enhanced by the laughter and exuberance of absorption in a small town.  This week our little town of Whitefish celebrated Winter Carnival.   Locals and visitors of all ages took in the Penguin Plunge and Parade.  The theme of “Vegas” (with sub-theme, “What Happens in Whitefish Follows You Home” (!) met with creative and hilarious costumes and everyone was out for a good time!  Simple pleasure make sweet memories.












Whitefish Carnival Royalty in Sled with Black-Horses


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Breathing All the Sweetness of Life

Breathing. In and Out.  Automatic, unheralded, unconsciousness.

But it doesn’t have to be.  With intention and awareness the breath will transform your life.  When you breath sweetly, you know the power of the breath.  You know that the consciousness of this breath brings you into the moment where you savor the wonders all around you.

This simple yet profound way of traversing the world brings a deepening.   Awareness of beauty in nature, in people, in the animals is a natural next step.  A calm appreciation, a loving presence, an eye for wonder, all come from this sweet breath.

Breathe in the last light of this day and feel the sweetness of being in this moment of wonder.

Whitefish Lake with Alpenglow