Alive in All Your Senses

From the website,, these words about the benefits of “forest bathing,” show the sweetness awaiting an immersion in the woods… how to be alive in all your senses.
“In an unhurried way, allow your feet to wander.
Shinrin-yoku is not about exercise.
It is not about hurry. It is about being alive in all your senses
and trusting that the forest
and other landscapes upon which you wander hold something
good for you.”
Spot of Light, Forest, Trees
Something hidden…
go and find it!
Go and look behind the ranges.
Something lost behind the ranges.
Lost, and waiting for you.
Forest, Fog, Trees, Spring
also from the shinrin-yoku website:
What if the land actually loves humans?
What if it needs us?

As our species evolved with all other species
in an interdependent dance,

a long ceremony of mutuality,
each of us bound by invisible threads

within a vast web of interdependence?

If this is the way of things,
then does it not make sense that the land needs us?

Come to it ready to invite its gifts.
Speak to it;  let it know what you need.


let it whisper its medicine.

Moss, Spring, Forest


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