Sapphire Girls Women’s Day in May

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Held on the Thursday before Mother’s Day (or any day of your choosing in May), this day is a celebration of

ALL women, Non-Mothers and Mothers alike!

For the last few years, I have spent time nurturing myself on this special day that I’ve designated just for this purpose and they have been lovely celebrations.  Life, love, wonder highlighted for the entire day with my deepest self.

I am not a mother.  I have watched in awe as my sisters-in-law, friends, and my one and only Mother gracefully embody myriad roles and strengths as they raised their children.  I am full of honor and respect for them.  But there was a hole each year for me on Mother’s Day, and I found this true for many of my childless friends – we celebrated the Mothers, but were never celebrated ourselves.  We as Sapphire Girls celebrate all women on the Thursday before Mother’s Day or on your choice of a day in May (or take a week!).

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Ideas for your celebration of womanhood and the uniqueness that is you!



-Buy yourself a present – something you’ve wanted – splurge and honor yourself with this gift.

-Schedule a massage or other bodywork.

Spring-2013-Journal-Notes-1024x680-Write in your journal about your life, loves, wants, courage, plans, dreams and how awesome you are!

-Take an alone ramble with an open heart to messages that may be waiting for your listening heart.

-Flowers – you must have flowers to honor this day of celebration.  SunflowersBuy your favorite and a beautiful vase if you don’t have one (you’ll use this each year going forward).



-Light a candle and say your gratitude prayer.  Fire-Ice-672x372




-Take a long hot bath or sumptuous shower and follow by adorning yourself in new comfort clothes that you feel great in (yoga pants, sleepwear, even lingerie (for you, not for anyone else).







Let us know how you will love & care for yourself.

Below are a few of images from previous year’s celebrations… Bookworks in Whitefish for a new read (my present to myself), and the little cabin is where I received a fabulous deep massage from Red Star.

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“…to all those who mother- whether or not you have ever given birth. Some of the best mothering I have received has been from friends, some of whom do not have children. They have fed me, held me, listened to me (endlessly! ) & given me strength. I bow to all those who tend & befriend. And I bow to our shared Mother, the Earth- who supports & sustains us.”

-Oriah Mountain Dreamer

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