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Trail of the Cedars

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“for it is not so much to know the self

as to know it as it is known

by galaxy and cedar cone,

as if birth had never found it

and death could never end it.”

-Archie Randolph Ammons

There is certainly a timeless quality to this cedar forest.  A boardwalk traverses the ancient woods and in peacefulness and quiet you walk.  Beauty at every turn, at every angle, no matter where you look.  In every season, sweetness. Long breaths.  Shimmering sunshine splattered, trickling water, rushing big water, rocks of every color, rabbit, deer, bear… an full ecosystem breathing life in unison and thriving.  In that abundance and balance there is solace.

In many native cultures the cedar symbolizes healing, cleansing, prosperity and protection and those qualities are deeply felt here.

Cedar Leaves, Light, Trail of the Cedars