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Breath, Courage, The Soul

Spiritus – “breath, courage, the soul” in Latin.  Inspiration in English.

“Personal creativity is not about intelligence or information. It’s about inspiration, from the Latin spiritus, meaning “breath, courage, the soul.” Creativity is about being fully alive, living courageously, or as the painter Joan Miro´ says, “Expressing with precision all the gold sparks the soul gives off.” When is the last time you felt fully alive? What is it that calls forth your courage and trumps your fear of sharing your soul? Knowing this is the key to discovering the creativity that is waiting to be expressed through you.”

-Jan Phillips

Feel your creativity and all it means to be You!  Your breath, your soul and your courage are uniquely your own…

Raven Child Portrait


Devotion Looks Like Boundaries

Really enjoying getting to know The Lewicki Agency and the posts there…  Previously I shared a post from them about “lower case art” that I loved.  Their take on individual creative forms gave me courage to continue my humble expressions here…  my dialogue of the wonders I find in the world.

To continue this creative endeavor requires devotion and boundaries and I’m finding more and more that making time for these connections, devotions, deepenings and gratitudes is rewarding and fulfilling time spent.

Prayer & Rocks, Elderly Gentleman, Bhutan copy

The Lewicki Agency’s site posted these words as they relate to devotion and boundaries.

(Here’s their site link to explore more of their writing: http://thelewickiagency.com/devotion-looks-like-boundaries/)

Prayer Flags Trough the Trees copy

 “Devotion looks like boundaries.

It’s not devotion if you are fully available for everything that asks for your attention.

Let us know you by showing us what you are most devoted to. Actively represent your priorities. Take the option to compromise or diminish your devotion off the table.

Reserve the space in advance and you’ll always have it.

Consider the freedom that comes with having a standing reservation for your creativity. Or anything else you’re devoted to. It’s the freedom to experiment. It’s the freedom to explore.

It’s the freedom to take a creative risk today because you know you have another reservation to try again tomorrow.”

-The Lewicki Agency – website, inspiring writing there – see link above!



Life’s Energy

Deepening into a simple life can help expand the complexity of the inner world exponentially.  Creative juices flow freely.  Self dialogue is more limited and the experience of life’s energy more pronounced.  Frequency and vibration are elevated. A quiet, calm, attentive, absorptive state of being prevails.

Peaceful. Connected.Avalanche Boardwalk, Ferns

Take a moment, a long sweet breathing moment, and feel the energy moving and becoming, spreading beyond all boundaries.  Feel the interplay.  Divine!


“Love the moment and the energy of the moment will spread beyond all boundaries.”

-Sister Corita Kent


“And what is man without energy?  Nothing – nothing at all.”

-Mark Twain

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

-Nikola Tesla