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Raven teaches me of endless curiosity, partnership, work ethic, continual learning, listening…

They fascinate, stimulate, illuminate.

I am always aware of their presence….

Raven with Attitude

Bryce, Raven, Straight On

Raven Chat

Raven, Head Turned

Raven Child Portrait

Raven with Shadows

Bryce, Raven Against Red Rock

 “I am a black bird, a Raven, I am Raven. I know and I am knowing—I know and see life and death, expansion and contraction and I do not shiver and cry—I am unafraid.

I am Raven. I am black as liquid night with wings and my eyes are stars to see by.

The light within me leads the way and it is revealed through my eyes and I am what lies between the dark and light.

I am the balance between.”
H. Raven Rose, Liquid Me: A Collection of Poetry and Prose