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Sanctuary & Shelter

What is it about barns?  They just draw you in…

Barn in the Snow copy


Creating a bridge between the landscape and the humans who inhabit the land, barns provide a place of sanctuary and shelter, where hay is stored, cows are milked, and little furry babies are born.   The photos are of Montana barns with one exception.  The first photo below is from the West Virginia land where my Dad was born, and where my Grandparents farmed and made their life.  My Dad grew up on this land. I remember my Grandfather there in that barn, milking the cows and giving squirts of that fresh milk to the kittens that gathered.   There were horses in the field, chickens roaming, a big garden, wheat, pigs in the pen.  My Grandfather built this barn and it was a work of structural genius.

From a frosted October sunrise, this is Grandpa’s barn.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Barn & Mountain Big Mountain, Horses & Red Barn, January

Shed with Mountain