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September Sunday

Maple Leaves“Outside the leaves on the trees constricted slightly; they were the deep done green of the beginning of autumn. It was a Sunday in September. There would only be four. The clouds were high and the swallows would be here for another month or so before they left for the south before they returned again next summer.”

-Ali Smith

Bowman Lake, Fall

“I love September, especially when we’re in it.”

-Willie Stargell


With a rich fullness the remains of Summer are moving into Fall.

Cool nights, a sense of completion, enriched saturated days are harbingers of  the upcoming changes.

There is a calm reverence for all that has grown, come to fruition, deepened, and been absorbed in all of these radiant long Summer days.

Change is in the air, but not quite yet.  We are balanced in this ripeness for a few more days.

There is such sweetness in this overflowing, saturated abundance.