We Always Begin Anew

Sunrise, Christmas Morning, Tall Trees, Snow

2015 has dawned!

With it, a renewed realization that in every day, every hour and every new year, we are empowered to begin anew.  We can create the miraculous.   Revolutionary changes in our very being are available in each new moment.

The new year inspires.  Breathing together and in solitary communion, we know we have the power to change.  And to be.  There is hope. A quickening. A deepening.

May 2015 allow deep breathing into the wonder…

and a realization of the gifts of the present.

Peace, prosperity, laughter, great love, simple deeds, adventures, inner growth, understanding, quiet, time to reflect in gratitude are wished for people everywhere.  And to the planet and the animals may there be reverence, respect and radiance.

May our awareness allow the absorption into the new hours and moments of this new year.

Lake McDoanld, Yellow Light


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