Women’s Day


Held on the Thursday before Mother’s Day, this day is a celebration

of ALL women, Non-Mothers and Mothers alike!

Last year, I spent time nurturing myself for the day and it was a lovely celebration.  I am not a mother.  I have watched in awe as my sisters-in-law, friends, and my one and only Mother gracefully embody myriad roles and strengths as they raised their children.  I am full of honor and respect for them.  But there was a hole each year for me, and for many of my childless friends – we celebrated the Mothers, but were never celebrated ourselves.  We as Sapphire Girls celebrate all women on the Thursday before Mother’s Day.

Let us know how you will love & care for yourself.

(below a couple of images from last year’s celebration… Bookworks in Whitefish for a new read, and the little cabin is where Red Star does her fabulous massages)

Womans-Day-Bookworks-1024x680 Red-Stars-Cabin-680x1024

2 thoughts on “Women’s Day”

    1. This year’s Woman’s Day may have to expand to two days! Sapphire Girls – they’ve been taking root for a while now – now ready to blossom! First gathering (together, in person) will be this year! Hope you can come…

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