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Woman’s Day 2015

I almost missed this one.  It’s just the second annual celebration and it caught me off guard and unprepared.  Shopping for my Mom for Mother’s Day on Thursday, I realized it – today was Woman’s Day!! My day to celebrate being a woman.   That nurturing, independent, deepening, wisdom seeking, free flying, sometimes scattered, loving, spiritual, lover of music, books, travel, nature, friends, Little Bear, Mom and husband… all that makes me a woman.

I am child-less but not Less.

I have found myriad ways of giving and absorbing love without the great benefit of the boundless kind showered on a child that is born to you.

Unconditional love is possible for me, without the teachings that bearing and raising a child unfolds and deepens in you (thanks Betsy for saying that to me so many years ago – you’ve likely forgotten but I never have).

Woman With Feathers Sculpture

So Woman’s Day did happen for me after all.  I stopped right then, and asked myself how I wanted to celebrate.  I had chocolate in the afternoon, I bought a boho vest and a flying free feather bearing woman mobile (she SO speaks to me of this woman’s day celebration and celebrating being a woman!), I spent time in quiet space on the healing mat, I listened to music and absorbed the forest.  A grand Woman’s Day indeed.

The importance of the intent and the doing and being were not lost.