In Gratitude for the Rain

Ecstatic in the bounty of the rain today.

Its waters slow sinking deep into our earth,

A boundless love offering,

A pour of life.

Today, I am in gratitude for the rain.

“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head

with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.”

-Langston Hughes

Rain Drops, Pine

“How quick we are to find the rainbow,

before being thankful for the rain.”

-Dieter Uchtdorf

Rainbow, July 30

A Richness

“I make myself rich by making my wants few.”  
 ~ Henry David Thoreau
“The cost of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it”
 ~ Henry David Thoreau
Wanting and needing less.  Understanding the true cost of things as they relate to expenditure of life force and time.  These are pursuits of this stage of the journey in my life.
Being immersed completely in the sounds of the ocean,
Half Moon Bay, Beach, Ice Plants
and the forest.
Spring, Reflection, Trees, Puddle
Being aware of the raven’s call.
Bryce, Raven, Straight On
Observing the wild ones with an honoring.
Mountain Goat, Stream, Looking Up, Goat Lick, Spring
Noticing the nuances of spring’s unfolding.
Feeling the energy of life all around.
Forest, Fog, Trees, Road, Spring
Being immersed and aware of life.  Is enough.  Is “free”.  Is freeing.
These are the riches that enhance, build up, and do not deplete your resources.
Yes, there is a richness.
A deep and satisfying wealth of experiences in these gifts.

Woman’s Day 2015

I almost missed this one.  It’s just the second annual celebration and it caught me off guard and unprepared.  Shopping for my Mom for Mother’s Day on Thursday, I realized it – today was Woman’s Day!! My day to celebrate being a woman.   That nurturing, independent, deepening, wisdom seeking, free flying, sometimes scattered, loving, spiritual, lover of music, books, travel, nature, friends, Little Bear, Mom and husband… all that makes me a woman.

I am child-less but not Less.

I have found myriad ways of giving and absorbing love without the great benefit of the boundless kind showered on a child that is born to you.

Unconditional love is possible for me, without the teachings that bearing and raising a child unfolds and deepens in you (thanks Betsy for saying that to me so many years ago – you’ve likely forgotten but I never have).

Woman With Feathers Sculpture

So Woman’s Day did happen for me after all.  I stopped right then, and asked myself how I wanted to celebrate.  I had chocolate in the afternoon, I bought a boho vest and a flying free feather bearing woman mobile (she SO speaks to me of this woman’s day celebration and celebrating being a woman!), I spent time in quiet space on the healing mat, I listened to music and absorbed the forest.  A grand Woman’s Day indeed.

The importance of the intent and the doing and being were not lost.