Whitefish at Night – A Gallery of Photos

Living in the woods, our little town proves itself a nearby haven of good food, community, gatherings, parades, celebrations, galleries, farmer’s markets, the Depot, and even night life!  It is a sweet, rustic, western, town that provides a warm, lively, hub of activity for locals and visitors alike.  For me, the simple life is tremendously enhanced by this small town, so full of unique personality.

A few black and white photographs of Whitefish at night are in the gallery below (slideshow will load below).

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“In the great cities we see so little of the world, we drift into our minority. In the little towns and villages there are no minorities; people are not numerous enough. You must see the world there, perforce. Every man is himself a class; every hour carries its new challenge. When you pass the inn at the end of the village you leave your favourite whimsy behind you; for you will meet no one who can share it. We listen to eloquent speaking, read books and write them, settle all the affairs of the universe…..
W.B. Yeats, The Celtic Twilight: Faerie and Folklore


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